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  • Kakapo
    A species' last hope?
    Genetic intervention in order to breed critically endangered species
    may be their only hope of survival.
  • Tuatara
    Whole Genome Sequencing
    Mapping the genomes of our most treasured species.
  • New Zealand Quail
    Can human driven extinction be reversed?

Repairing our world one species at a time

Modern science can help us to turn the tide on global mass extinction.

What we do

The purpose of the Genetic Rescue Foundation is to advance the scientific techniques required to prevent species extinction through genetic intervention. We help talented scientists working on relevant projects to obtain funding and to connect with collaborators and institutions that will expedite their research.

Cutting edge science

Thanks to our partner Science Exchange we're able to connect participating researchers with the world's best labs.

Elegant technology

Technological advancement is at the center of everything we do. We provide robust, modern technical solutions that further optimize the efficiency of our participating researchers.

Empowered Community

The science of genetic rescue cannot be advanced without the participation of talented scientists. Our goal is to empower our community to make meaningful scientific breakthroughs by facilitating access to quality equipment, funding and collaborators.

Agile philosophy

We believe in Agile Methodology. Through small incremental improvements and by remaining open to a rapidly changing research landscape we will help drive scientific innovation.


Core values of The Genetic Rescue Foundation


We want to help bring together talented people. We will do all we can to help foster collaboration.


We want scientists to make breakthroughs. We aim to help them focus on science by helping to take care of other time consuming distractions like finding funding and equipment.


We are motivated by empirical, reproducible results not publications. We believe negative experimental results have value and promote independent reproducibility of experimental results through our partnership with The Reproducibility Initiative.

More About Us

$120000 +

Project Funding to Date


Active Projects

7 +

Proposed Projects

1000 +


What Our Supporters Say

  • Elizabeth Iorns

    By leveraging the power of platforms such as Experiment.com and Science Exchange the Genetic Rescue Foundation is able to help drive scientific innovation.

    Elizabeth Iorns - CEO, Science Exchange

  • Cindy Wu

    The Genetic Rescue Foundation has a unique approach to preventing the extinction of endangered species. Because we have the opportunity to collect the genetic sequence of species at the brink of extinction, we should.

    Cindy Wu - Co-Founder, Experiment

The Genetic Rescue Foundation is here to help you

Collaborate with us and together we can make meaningful scientific breakthroughs.